Cloud Security Products

Advanced cloud-native application security, including breach prevention, workload protection and cloud security posture management

Full Stack Cloud-Native Application Protection

Identify & prioritize vulnerabilities.

Equip SOCs and DevOps with advanced, simplified and automated security in a single unified platform for any cloud. Visualize, detect, prevent and respond to threats faster, ensure compliance and scale, and enable developers to build safely and efficiently in the cloud.

Discovery, Visibility And Compliance For The Cloud

Discovery, Visibility And Compliance For The Cloud

Shift left and fix issues before they impact your business.

Protect Workloads, Hosts And Containers

Protect Workloads, Hosts And Containers

Build and run applications knowing they are protected. Take an adversary-focused approach that provides automated discovery, continuous runtime protection.


Cloud Security Solutions

Our experience in operating one of the largest cloud implementations in the world provides us with unique insights into adversaries enabling us to deliver cloud native full-stack security that creates less work for security teams, defends against cloud breaches, and optimizes multi-cloud deployments including:


Stopping breaches using cloud-scale data and analytics requires a tightly integrated platform. Each function plays a crucial part in detecting modern threats, and must be designed and built for speed, scale and reliability.

Areani cloud security goes beyond ad-hoc approaches by unifying everything you need for cloud security in a single platform to deliver comprehensive protection from the host to the cloud and everywhere in between.