Embracing Industry 4.0

IT/OT convergence is a reality. It’s time to improve cybersecurity and operational efficiencies.

Discover every IT and OT device.

Discover, classify, and get rich context for every asset in your OT (SCADA, PLCs, DCS, etc.) and IT (servers, laptops, IP cameras, badge readers, etc.) environments.

Vulnerability scoring for every device.

Device visibility and risk identification is just the beginning.

Know the risk score for every asset in your environment based on multiple risk factors to take proactive steps to reduce your attack surface. Achieve greater compliance with regulatory frameworks that require complete asset inventories and prioritization of all vulnerabilities.

Manufacturing access management.

See all the known (and unknown) relationships between your devices and segments.

Including connections to unmanaged devices, rogue networks and unauthorized communication channels. An organized, Purdue model-based, presentation of your environment will help you with the planning and validation of your network segmentation strategy.

Passive manufacturing device incident detection.

Passively monitor the state and behavior of all devices on your network.

 Devices behaving badly can be caused by a misconfiguration, a policy violation, or abnormal behavior such as inappropriate connection requests or unusual software running on a device. You can also choose to automate alerts to streamline your response.


Benefits of AREANI


Full Device Visibility

Continuous Passive Tracking

Vulnerability Gap Analysis

Automated Network Segmentation

Automated Policy Enforcement