In our new normal, every retail device is a target.  Identify and secure the devices you need to drive digital transformation from the warehouse to the shelf, to the check-out aisle, and beyond.

Delight customers with a personalized digital experiences.

Protecting your connected devices, your customers, and their shopping experience from threats is critical. Get a completely passive security platform to address the new threat landscape of connected devices. Its unique technology continuously discovers and profiles devices in your environment, analyzes their behavior to identify risks and attacks, automatically protects you from suspicious or malicious activity.

Retailers know they need to protect devices like point-of-sale systems, but they often overlook other connected devices they rely on to deliver better customer service and experiences. Areani Consulting protects your unmanaged devices like smart forklifts, beacons and sensors, bar code readers, interactive kiosks, and mobile POS terminals, keeping sensitive customer data, day-to-day supply chain operations, and your business safe.

Any downtime in your automated supply chain and inventory management can have costly effects. AREANI secures the connected devices that keep these systems moving. Perform ongoing risk scoring and device behavior tracking, get real-time risk assessments, and pinpoint and mitigate risky devices and activities that could indicate threats or attacks.

Unmanaged devices in retail settings are valuable targets because they can get bad actors one step closer to customer financial data. Areani Consulting continually monitors every device for suspicious or malicious activity. If a threat is identified, the platform can automatically quarantine the suspicious device to stop attacks on your business.

Key benefits

Areani Consulting brings comprehensive cloud-delivered endpoint protection to retailers across all endpoints.

Complete, scalable endpoint protection

You can be confident that all endpoints are protected — across on-premises, virtual, or hybrid environments running Windows, MacOS, and Linux — whether you need to protect 10 or 10 million endpoints.

Regulatory compliance and event triage assistance

Fulfill key retail compliance initiatives, including PCI DSS v3.2 and, if needed, proactive services and incident response planning and remediation.

Expedited event remediation

We inspects event information in real time to prevent, detect, respond to and mitigate attacks with speed and precision.