Security direction

AREANI has properly qualified and experienced Security Directors to run the management and direction of security departments of companies that are legally required or choose to have one for their own specific reasons.

The range of services offered includes:

The organization, direction, inspection, and management of available private security services and resources.

The identification, analysis, and evaluation of risk situations that could affect the lives and well-being of people and property.

The planning, organization, and control of necessary actions to implement measures to prevent, protect against, and reduce the manifestation of risks of any nature, through the development of applicable security plans.

The control of the operation and maintenance of private security systems.

Provisional validation, until verification by the authorities if necessary, of security measures regarding their compliance with private security regulations..

Verification that installed private security systems and contracted private security companies comply with the requirements of certification by competent bodies.

Communication to the competent Security Forces and Corps of relevant circumstances or information for public security, as well as criminal offenses of which they become aware in the course of their duties.

Checks and controls on personnel who, in the course of their assigned duties, need access to areas or information in order to effectively protect their entity, company, or business group.

In addition...

In addition, AREANI offers as added value to the services provided by our security directors, those related to computer security and mobile devices
• Conducting Penetration Testing assessments.
• Performing security audits on mobile devices.
• Implementing software and security systems.
• Providing advice and managing the implementation of information security and communication systems.
• Implementing technical countermeasures for electronic surveillance to detect and locate hidden devices used for recording and capturing video and audio.