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Areani Penetration Testing Services simulate real-world attacks on the various components of your IT environment to test the detection and your  response capabilities.
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  • What AREANI Delivers

  • The Benefits of Penetration Testing

Red Team

The Areani Red Team Exercise helps prepare your cybersecurity team and learn from our experts as the Areani Red Team attacks helps your team defend against a targeted attack within your environment.
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  • What AREANI Delivers

  • The Benefits of a Red Team Exercise

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When it comes to regulatory compliance, you need all the help you can get, especially when failure has costly consequences. Comply with strict data protection laws, loke those included in PCI-DSS.

  • Simplify security frameworks and regulatory
  • Get complete coverage for any device
  • Ensure your business follow device security best practices

OT Asset management

Good OT asset management relies on a comprehensive and accurate inventory of all hardware and software that is present in your OT environment.

  • OT device identification & classification.
  • Broad scope
  • OT asset metadata
  • Locate OT assets quickly
  • OT change & configuration management

Security Direction

AREANI has properly qualified and experienced Security Directors to run the management and direction of security departments of companies that are legally required or choose to have one for their own specific reasons.

  • Conducting Penetration Testing assessments.
  •  Performing security audits on mobile devices.
  • Implementing software and security systems.
  • Security Director