The AREANI Red Team Exercise helps prepare your cybersecurity team and learn from our experts as the Areani Red Team attacks helps your team defend against a targeted attack within your environment.


The challenge

Attack tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) are constantly evolving and every organization should know how to identify, stop, and prevent a breach. The complexity of today’s cyber threats creates challenges for organizations:

Many organizations have a complex suite of security tools they count on to protect their organization. The challenge is understanding whether or not these tools are efficient or capable of preventing a modern-day attack.

Organizations may have many security tools in place, but lack the mature detection and response policies and procedures required to prevent modern-day attacks from occurring.

Security teams do not regularly train to detect malicious activity using the security tools within their environments. This can leave organizations vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.

The Benefits of a Red Team Exercise

Discover and identify misconfigurations and coverage gaps in existing security products.

Walk through the phases of a targeted attack and understand the approach of real-world threat actors and how to detect their activity within your environment.

Focus on maturing your security team’s threat hunting knowledge and overall incident response process in a safe training environment.

What AREANI Delivers

A AREANI Red Team Exercise typically traces along the kill chain path of: active reconnaissance, delivery and exploitation, command and control, operations and after-action review. Once the exercise concludes, Areani provides actionable guidance:

A summary of the vulnerabilities exploited during the simulation.

A summary of the TTPs used during the simulation

Observations and recommendations from the hands-on incident response training conducted during simulation pauses

Recommendations on process, methodology and technology deficiencies observed during the entire simulation.


Real-World Targeted Attack Scenarios

Areani Red Teams have extensive penetration testing experience and understanding of today’s TTPs used in sophisticated attacks.

Cyber Kill Chain Process

Areani Red Teams incorporate the same tools and techniques that adversaries use to mirror a targeted attack that follows the steps of the cyber kill chain

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Areani Consulting Blue Teams provide insight into adversarial tactics and techniques that specifically target your vertical. The Blue Team helps you better understand potential threats and how to protect yourself against a targeted attack.